The Nomadic team brings decades of experience leading top film, gaming, retail and brand companies. Our specialties include game development and animation, motion tracking technology, physical design and manufacturing and retail operations and strategy.

griffin Doug Griffin President

Doug Griffin


Doug has a wide range of M&E expertise including two successful startups. He focuses on product and company strategy, business development and technical development. His patents in motion tracking have been used in innovative products for the professional market. His work at ILM, Disney, and EA can be enjoyed in some of the largest grossing projects in history, including Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Need For Speed, and Madden.

schulze Rick Schulze Studio Director

Rick Schulze

Studio Director

Rick is a director and visual effects supervisor with years of experience. He’s directed broadcast commercials including Superbowl spots, and developed special effects for feature films including The Matrix. His work weaving live action with visual effects and animation has led him into the brave new world of virtual reality.

duncan John Duncan Head of Physical Production

John Duncan

Head of Physical Production

John is one of the most requested designers for film and visual effects. His work can be seen in projects such as Star Wars, Wall-E, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek, and Myth Busters. He has worked on commercial projects for Apple, Google, Facebook, and Salesforce. John has also built sets for the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris, as well as YouTube’s White House Communications.

gutierrez Kalon Gutierrez Head of Growth

Kalon Gutierrez

Head of Growth

Kalon is a senior executive with wide expertise across brand management, retail partnerships, go to market, digital media and consumer technology. He was a founder at Bixbee and DayOne Baby and VP of Business Development at both JCPenney and ZoomSystems. He has developed strategy and built partnerships with big brands such as Sephora, Reebok, Procter & Gamble, Sony Picture Studios, and L’Oreal.

Jen_WEB Jen Millard Vice President of Retail Operations

Jen Millard

Vice President of Retail Operations

Jen has 20+ years of experience in retail growth and consumer engagement, working for such companies as Mastercard, Truaxis, Saks, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Specializing in go-to-market strategy, retail operations, and payments.

Preston1 Jim Preston Executive Producer

Jim Preston

Executive Producer

Jim has spent nearly 20 years in video games, from editor at PC Gamer magazine to studio director at Electronic Arts. He specializes in new IP development and has worked on games for a wide variety of genres and platforms, from sports games on consoles, to AAA shooters on PC and free to play mobile games.

Tiburcio_WEB Tiburcio de la Carcova Chief Technology Officer

Tiburcio de la Carcova

Chief Technology Officer

Letam_web Letam Biira Head of Content Partnerships

Letam Biira

Head of Content Partnerships

entis Glenn Entis Advisor

Glenn Entis


Glenn has always been at the forefront of digital entertainment and computer graphics. He was a founder and COO at PDI, later acquired by Dreamworks. He served as the first and only CEO at Dreamworks Interactive, which was later acquired by EA. There he served as CTO and CVO, with responsibility for leading technical and graphics strategy for almost 3,000 artists and engineers and 14 game studios worldwide.

labounta Henry LaBounta Advisor

Henry LaBounta


Current CVO at Zynga. Henry has a rich history in M&E at industry defining companies such as Microsoft Games, Electronic Arts, Dreamworks, Industrial Light and Magic. His creative efforts have delighted the public and help bring some of the best games and animated films to market.

vanryswyk Mark Van Ryswyk Advisor

Mark Van Ryswyk


Current SVP at Glu Mobile and former VP and General Manager at Electronic Arts, Mark is a veteran of the business of gaming. He’s worked with game teams worldwide to clarify their proposition, design features to delight their end-user, and formulate solid business plans to maximize success.

bejamiller Laurie Beja Miller Advisor

Laurie Beja Miller


Laurie brings 35+ years of brand, retail and go-to-market experience to her career. Her roles have entailed executive leadership functions for industry icons, such as Nike, Apple and Disney. Laurie has managed billion dollar+ retail budgets across hundreds of stores and thousands of personnel. She is a known thought leader in the consumer space with a keen focus on brand and retail innovation.

Ken_WEB Ken Arnold Director of Electrical Engineering

Ken Arnold

Director of Electrical Engineering

Scott_WEB Scott Binnings Usability Tester

Scott Binnings

Usability Tester

Bodway_WEB Jonathan Bodway Construction Project Manager

Jonathan Bodway

Construction Project Manager

Grant_WEB Grant Damron Platform Engineer

Grant Damron

Platform Engineer

Connor_WEB Connor Davidson Marketing Assistant

Connor Davidson

Marketing Assistant

Firat_WEB Firat Enderoglu Technical Director

Firat Enderoglu

Technical Director

Jack_WEB Jack Lim Product Manager

Jack Lim

Product Manager

mathis Alex Mathis Lead Environment Artist

Alex Mathis

Lead Environment Artist

Alex has 20 years experience in console, PC, and mobile gaming. He’s worked at leading studios such as Activision, EA, and Glu. Now at Nomadic, he is creating rich 3D worlds and experiences that others can step inside.

Mary_WEB Mary Mayshark Executive Assistant

Mary Mayshark

Executive Assistant

Lauren_Web Lauren Messinger Marketing Director

Lauren Messinger

Marketing Director

Brett_WEB Brett Nordstog Field Service Manager

Brett Nordstog

Field Service Manager

Okita_WEB Alex Okita Game Engineer

Alex Okita

Game Engineer

Jo_Pasamonte_WEB Jonathan Pasamonte QA Lead

Jonathan Pasamonte

QA Lead

Sach_Web Sevvanthie Sachithanandan Principal Artist

Sevvanthie Sachithanandan

Principal Artist

Tonja_WEB Tonja Salmon Recruiter

Tonja Salmon


Taylore_WEB Taylore Scott Executive Assistant

Taylore Scott

Executive Assistant

Anthony_WEB Anthony Shafer Creative Director

Anthony Shafer

Creative Director

JonV_WEB Jonathan Vaccaro Desktop Technician

Jonathan Vaccaro

Desktop Technician

Venice_WEB John Venice Field Service Engineer

John Venice

Field Service Engineer


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